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    I have feelings. I am normal in the way that I have normal feelings.

    However, to make my feelings...'work' I have to consciously tell myself "this is a good thing, this is happy," to feel joyous. Or "this is sad. It's sad because _____" and I have to Reason myself into feeling sad. I have to do the same to 'feel' for friends and family.

    Is this what everyone goes through? Is it normal to have to consciously think about feeling? If I don't, I don't feel much of anything.

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    Re: Emotions/Responses.

    Well if you recite q'uran make dua you will notice amazing feeling and you can use this as a foundation to all other feelings.
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    Re: Emotions/Responses.

    Doesn't sound normal to me. Feelings comes naturally, we don't have to think about them to make it happen. The opposite in fact. Sometimes you have to think "this is not that bad" in order to not feel too sad. Not that it actually works, in my opinion.




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