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Thread: Faking it

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    Faking it

    I feel so tired of the constant need to live up to this image I don't want. I honestly need help I feel trapped. I hope this doesn't come of as having a massive ego and I hope I explain it the best I can but why can't I shake the attention from guys. Whenever I go out I know of guys watching me and following me, because of this I'm constantly careful of the way I am. I dress modest, no make up. I wish I was invisible. Maybe this happens to many guys and girls. I have to fake who I am, not make mistakes, be out of character, do anything embarrassing because of them. How can I be this sick to live up a facade of this perfect person to strangers. I noticed that when I went on holiday I never worried about what others thought and definitely not wanting to be perfect in front of men. I want this carefree me everyday. It's so difficult to explain. Wearing a niqaab would make sense for no guy to know who I was but I don't have that courage.

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    Re: Faking it

    well all those-non muslim women that behave like that are so shallow. you know the ones that I am taking about. constantly stroking their hair, trying to get mens attention LOL.

    those dummies are only valued for their looks. lets not be on the same level as them
    Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children...

    -Quran (57:20)




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