It has come to my attention that there is a growing trend amongst disgruntled users, who when their thread is locked or deleted, or if they are banned for an offence, then they resort to making all sorts of bad-dua against the said mod, such as "May Allaah humiliate you", "May Allaah expose you", "May Allaah deal with you" etc etc etc.

Such users need to grow up and take their punishment as men (or women).

Because if I hear of another person doing this, whether it's publicly, in pm, vm, rep or any other method, then I won't warn, infract or temp ban you. Rather I will bring down the full extent of the hammer upon you with a permanent ban. As well as banning any subsequent accounts you may decide to make, until such a time comes when you apologise to the mod you cursed.

If you want to play then play with your lego blocks at home, don't play with the deen or with invoking the curse of Allaah on people.

It's not a difficult request i'm making of you, therefore i will be unrelenting in carrying it out.

No exceptions, no excuses.

Consider yourselves warned.

- Admin Staff.