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    When you reverted did you change your name?


    Question in title.

    I haven't and I don't plan on changing it. I like my name, and well that's basically the only reason. I don't suit any of the Islamic names anyways, can't even pronounce most of them correctly.

    Sisters at the masjid wanted to give me a new name and I told them I was keeping my name. They just said it was what they'd call me, that I didn't need to change it. I just didn't get why they didn't want to call me by my name.
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    Re: When you reverted did you change your name?

    Quote Originally Posted by IlFaraone View Post
    I get what you're saying, but I don't want people to think that only Ahmeds and Mohammeds can be Muslim, but that others can be too.
    True, but being inclusive about names is a positive thing?

    Someone pious must/might have named that baby and to include them only to find out they're not Muslim is a good conversation to have. At least it brings the most important topic to the table right at the start, in any relationship, business or personal.

    يعلم ما كان و ما يكون و ما لم يكن إذا كان كيف يكون

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    Re: When you reverted did you change your name?

    No. But I already had a Muslim name to begin with.

    Anyway if I had another name I wouldn't change it.




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