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    Kill All the Polytheists , Did the Verse 9:5 , say So ?

    as misquoted often by the APOLOGETICS, (Cheaters) since they hide the very next verse 9:6 which tells the Muslims to escort them to safety , http://quran.com/9/5-6

    Noble Quran 9:6 ''And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection,so that he may hear the words of Allah . Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know.''

    note : This is what Salahudeen Ayubi (Rahimahullah) did while taking back Jerusalem. His soldiers escorted all those who wanted leave to their places of safety, Despite the Crusaders' slaughter when Salahudeen originally conquered Jerusalem in 1099, he granted amnesty and free passage to all common Catholics and even to the defeated Christian army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladin



    The leader of Quraish pagans of Mecca, Abu Sufyan arrives in Medina to apologise the breach of their Treaty with Muslims (killings within the corridor of kaaba,indeed a breach of worst degree) but he is not welcomed by Prophet who took prompt action after the breach so as not to allow them any opportunity to gather enough force after this, and made a sudden invasion with 10,000 companions on Mecca in the month of Ramadan in 8 AH and conquered it 18th day (approx) of Ramadhan peacefully without any resistance (except under 1 division, under Khalid bin Waleed, out of 4 divisions where a few deaths 12 kafirs who took arms and 4 muslims ) with a very few number of deaths who were war criminals. After this victory Even those Kafirs who gave Prophet & his companions gruesome hardship for 10 + 3 years (boycott of Food & medicines) are forgiven in this invasion and even assured of Security who stay behind the doors and religious freedom given even to the kafirs who worship idols with in their respective houses.

    Ibn Abbas said that his father Al-'Abbas. 'Abd al-Mutalib brought Ahu Sufyan b. Harb to the Messenger of God (SAAS) at Man al-Zamn and he accepted Islam. Al Abbas told him,"Messenger of God, Aha Sufym is a man who likes to enjoy prestige; perhaps you could do something for him." "Yes," he replied. "Whoever goes into Abu Sufyan's house will be secure. And whoever locks his door will be secure." When one companion , Sa'd bin Ubada who was holding the flag of the Muslims uttered something words like, this was the day of revenge, was immediately admonished by Prophet by replacing him by another person, to hold that flag.

    8AH 629 AD MONTH OF SHAWWAL (about 15-20 days after the conquest of Mecca)


    1) From Mecca within 20 days of its successful conquest Prophet took his army to Taif or Battle of Hunain with 12000 soldiers. The total population of Mecca then about 60,000 (approx) and were not forced to accept Islam hence not forced to take part in the battle of Hunain because we know every Muslim a old convert or new convert of just a day over 15 years old are OBLIGED to take part in the Religious battle ( except with those with very old mothers or those who were assigned duty to take care of safety of women and children.) But Prophet left with all his companions 10,000 of them from Medina + ONLY 2000 NEW CONVERTS out of 60,000, PROVING no forceful conversions on the natives of Mecca even after the successful conquest of Mecca Subhanallah , Allah and his Prophet so pure so sweet,wow unlike our world wars the loosers become human shields and slaves for the armies construction works as was done by many armies like Japanese etc. ( River Kwai Bridge i 've visited and saw how terrible those prisoners have suffered to built this Burma- Death railway about 400 kms long in amidst a deep gorge that too when there were no SOPHISTICATED cranes those times in which 90,000 out of 180,000 died )

    2) These EXTRA 2000 soldiers who are new converts of Mecca request Prophet on seeing a HUGE tree to grant them this tree to be made a tree of luck (hanging threads and ropes) as in the days of ignorance at which Prophet admonish them saying they are asking something like the Jews asked Moses (pbuh) for some idols like the non believers had. This shows that these Meccan reverts were very new in their faith except some who lived in Islam, hidingly, lived as muslims untill Prophet took over Mecca to expose their faith .

    3) Even after Muslims have taken over Mecca and destroyed the 360 idols in the Kaaba the kaffirs in Mecca or any where were still allowed to visit Kaaba Shrine at Mecca as was in the days of ignorance with their usual circumambulating it naked (their haj) and whistling clapping was their worship ( very patient Muslims, indeed, even after assuming power).

    Noble Quran '' And their prayer at the House was not except whistling and handclapping. So taste the punishment for what you disbelieved.''

    4) This proves though the idols were removed from the Kaaba pagans, Idolators were STILL living around the Kaaba simultaneously doing Idol worship at their homes


    After the great victory of Hunain where 6000 women and children ( People of Taif ) captives were freed back by Prophet ( some even with Prophet's own money) after being taken as captives, Forgiving even the worst people who did not even stick to their usual world renowned Arab trait to dignify guests but stoned Prophet chasing him out of the city and this news of Prophet's mercifulness towards these worst rudest people on the Earth and this news spread all around Saudi Arabia and the world, which made them convert to Islam with about 70 delegations all voluntarily visiting Prophet at Medina and accepting islam , even at last the Taif tribes , their leaders visited Prophet and accepted islam. So Muslims who were 12,000 in later 8AH grew many folds , multiplied more than 10 TIMES just in 2 YEARs at the last haj of Prophet on 11 AH when there were 124,000 Hajis only at the valley of Arafah .


    The next year after conquest of Mecca Prophet does not attend haj but sends his closest companion Abu Bakr Sidiqque (Ra) as the Amir, leader for the Hajis from Medina . After Abubakr (ra) had left Medina with Hajis , Allah reveals this sura At Tauba (including verses 9:5-6) to dissolve the agreements with kafirs living in the vicinity of Mecca after giving a grace period of ample 4 months (about 6 miles radius) who have been guaranteed safety behind the doors for the past 15 months to do whatever they liked (even worship the idols, lol) within their homes and as per the international law those times if a guarantee or agreement is changed or made void it was necessary to give such a notice of dissolution in advance of 50 days so that the other party is not forced out in Shock or surprise.

    So Prophet sends his son in law Ali ibn Abu Talib with this revelation new message - NEW LAW of Demarcation (sura 9:1-6) after the Hajis have already left Medina so as to be proclaimed at every important place of Mecca so as to the news to reach all of its inhabitants in its every nook and corner. So surroundings of Mecca of about 6 mile radius (No enter zone for Non Muslims still as today and even for Muslims ONLY the Ihram area during Haj ) is made a debarred zone ONLY RESTORING the lost dignity of the Monotheists , THE FIRST PLACE OF WORSHIP OF THE ONE TRUE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, THE KAABA ,'' COMPLETELY '' liberating the EVER first house of Allah on this GLOBE FROM POLYTHEISM that was built even before Abraham but reconstructed by the renowned Monotheist to all semetic religions Prophet Abraham on its old foundationshttp://quran.com/22/26# but has been still under the intrusions of the polytheists who still circumambulated it naked (their haj) and whistling clapping was their worship (satanic indeed)

    so verse 9:5

    which says those who opt to stay within the 6 miles radius of the Kaaba ( as of NOW TODAY ''strictly Ihram Area '' even for Muslims during Haj) MUST BE ONLY THE BELIEVERS (Monotheists- Muslims ) AND NOT THE IDOL WORSHIPPERS SO they have to move out of Mecca (with their idols and since the guarantee given by prophet before 15 months that you can do anything- just with in doors is revoked with ample time of 4 months,

    Wow so kind of Allah swt iow the Non Muslims enjoyed (even idols-shirk n kufar ) there in their houses for 19 months even after the conquest of Mecca,( in Spain Muslims were not given just a day but killed, raped, converted ) and ONLY those kafirs who will not still abide by this open warning of verse 9:5 after 4 months will be killed if they fight or even in that case of expiry of 4 months if these non muslims breachers of the NEW LAW did not raise arms to fight the muslims but surrendered , Muslims must explain to them about Islam and even still if these stupids ( whistling , clapping, nude worshippers, lol is that a worship in the house of Lord af Abraham ? ? ) do not accept Islam escort them to a place of safety because they are the people who do not know (9:6 http://quran.com/9:6 )

    Is there any Religion as sweet as Islam ????? which also says to protect these stupid non believers out from the danger zone and leave them into their community where they are safe ?
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    Re: Kill All the Polytheists , Did the Verse 9:5 , say So ?

    Quote Originally Posted by dsr478 View Post

    Offensive Jihad not only converts people, it also liberates them. My people converted to Islam and we're freed from the disgusting system of Hinduism, which treated anyone who wasn't in the upper class as disposable. If offensive Jihad didn't exist, I'd likely still he the whipping boy of some upper class Hindu dog. I (like many) was freed from this backwards system through offensive Jihad.
    So you have brought eeman because some one liberated you from oppressors . Its ok but bring the right eeman, Inshallah from our Glorious Quran and hadith

    Its like someone saying he picked me up from tsunami from being killed so I trust his religion. It s ok alhamdulilah , if its Islam but try to understand the real eeman and true Islam .

    Quote Originally Posted by dsr478 View Post

    You understand Jihad is important. I was wrong to accuse you of not believing in it, and I apologise for doing so.
    I have been describing the CONTEXT of the same verse again and again so many times in this thread saying its the new law for the kuffar ONLY living in Mecca to vacate or face consequences. If Prophet :saw2: want to do ethnic cleaning like people with ideas like you and Abunajm do then there will not be a single kaffir there . but the fact is there were 14 million coptics (kaffirs ) in the ME, is a enough proof for the VALIDITY & GENUINITY of this thread.

    This is what Mufti Menk (who studied in Medina) reiterated that that particular Ayah 9:5 applies there only ( around kaaba) those times and it abrogated protection treaties with ONLY them in case they do not move out after 4 months grace time.

    Are you doing something against the greatest Khaifa of islam Umar did through whom Allah gave Islam dominance, who is the ever greatest Jihadist. watch about him here and his traits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3JRs9_jvB8

    When he did not opt ethnic cleansing and Even Allah and his Prophet were against it. Do you think Allah want to kill
    all kafirs or Allah did not want to have kafirs in this world ? of course not , Like Allah created darkness to distinguish from
    light and bad stink against good fragrance Allah created Kafirs too as he decreed as There are many verses of glorious Quran on it.

    But even according to you if you take 9:5 abrogates the earlier contracts do not forget the next verse of 9:6 of escorting themto their place of safety iow to their own community ( So this proves their pagan kaffir community was there existing in tact BUT OUTSIDE MECCA)How are you going to escort them if have killed ?

    But this life is test to the kaffirs, whether he searches his Lord Allah and come backs to him and similarly this life is a test to Muslimlike us from people like you and misguiders. Though people like you would like to kill us but given an option Muslims like us will never kill another Muslim EXCEPT where by the Had by a Sharia court in a 100 % Shari law country. Inshallah we will see who'son the Right path when we close our eyes for good sooner or later , as allah wills

    Protect yourselves being brain washed by Liars like @AbuNajm i can point him to many lies here in this thread #27) and he claims that i am in his ignore liast but comes and quotes me in post # 15 here


    & post # 8 here


    I really doubtful who he is when he is trying to pull me back or pull my legs down when I am fighting a shia in the above thread who slanders our Mother Aysha about mutilating Al Hassan dead body with a fake hadith and am trying to defend in the ''CONTEXT'' of hadith prohibited us from mutilating dead bodies even on the battle field.

    is this abunajm a shia ?? we do not know who's writing behind the boards. But Inshallah Allah is enough to care of these trouble makers.

    And now he cant answer my questions regarding hadith when he claims I quote his claim from the thread of Albani

    I've studied Ulum al-Hadith extensively and I don't "just take the opinion" of anyone in Hadith.''

    He claims does not require any muhaddith since he's already studied Ulum al hadith. (I do not call him a hypocrite or a shia yet but some of his traits point to as) the glorious Quran did say something like its the trait of Hypocrites to enjoin bad and obstruct good when Abunajm tells me to stop my answering questions to the askers here who have no aalim here to reply them and I am doing which am sure about and its my Duty from my Nabi to do so. By the grace and help of Allah i started listening to tafsirs in my early teens from someone whom muslims then back bited his as a wahhabi Scholar. I was asking my doubts from aalimthen i was close to them and kept reading translations from then and hadith slowly but steadily and the sincerity and piety that Allah had bestowed me had propelled me in Islam with salah 5 times from then. I did dawah to islam to my class mates who 90% were hindu.

    is this liar, some knowledgeable shia trying to create problems in a sunni site ? Allah u aalam. an knowledgeable will never be arrogant and a liar. though he says he converted to islam when was 21 .
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