Over the 10 days of Ramadan, Now you can remaining attache of Ramadan

***join us in the Qur'an Boards

you can finish reading all the Qur'an until the last Ramadan with this offer (discount up to 70%)


1-Members: each group contains 4 person

2-Duration : till finishing recitation 1 juze everyday

3-Time: any time suitable for group members

4-Fees :20$ (1$ per day ) for every person to the end of the month (save up to 70%)

5-Offer: Become free member if you can Collect 4 to create group

How does this work?

Each group sets a time and each member of the group reads some parts of the Quran and together they finish a juz' a day

and i will listen to them and correct

skype id : gehad_alex1

May Allah accept our deeds