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    Looking for this quran pdf (and book to buy online optional )

    I see that it's beautiful and easy to understand.

    Can u find this pdft online to read/download/print

    And maybe I might or could buy this if found online if u find one


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    Re: Looking for this quran pdf (and book to buy online optional )

    I think it might be this one [file removed cause it's weird :s)

    which is: Mushaf_e_Madina (I don't think it is that font though... Mushaf e Madina looks different :/)

    according to this website> http://quran.mursil.com/Web-Print-Pu...oads/pdf-files
    where you can download it at section two.

    do make sure you have a look on the website and see if it could be anything else

    Just download it from here http://www.slideshare.net/Sirajudhee...-full-11104173
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