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Due to the increase activity on the forum over the past few weeks and also from feedback from members we are looking to recruit extra moderator(s) to join the team in help running and managing the forum

As with previous campaigns, those that wish to apply will need to fill in this questionnaire located at the end of this thread

To apply:

- Simply Create a new in Helpdesk

- Under Prefix Select "Moderator Application"
- Title of Thread Please put your name down

- Copy and Paste the questions from this thread and post your answers on the same thread

This again will be 3 Stages

1) Stage 1: General Questions (Open until Thursday 7th May 2015)

2) Stage 2: More Detailed Questions i.e Scenario based Questions

3) Stage 3: Final Shortlisting

Those that pass Stage 1 will be notified and will then be able to progress to Stage 2 where they can progress the application

Some of you may think why all this hassle to be a moderator and why treat it as a proper interview is it really necessary?

The answer is yes we are looking for people who we can trust and you will be exposed to extremely sensitive material and situations arising from members which effect people in real life and have an impact on their well being, being a moderator is not just about edit, close, ban delete there is much more than that and the other mods can vouch for this too, as we have always say there is a lot of things that happen behind the scenes such as "People running away from homes, people on verge of suicide etc etc, dealing with Media" and in a lot of instances the forum somehow gets involved in all this so yes you will be likely to be exposed to such situations there is a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scene thus the reason why I said you will be exposed to extremely sensitive material on the forum and most the time we end up picking this up and dealing with it in one way or another.

At the same time as well as moderating we do have some level of responsibility as well in terms of safeguarding our members as well, from other "Members" on the forum who are not entirely honest about their real motives on the forum. It is more than just a forum.

Then there are other stuff as well in terms of being part of developing the long term strategies of the forum and helping to manage it and keep the place running smoothly.

Those chosen will be expected to give their real name to us. If you wish to remain anonymous then the position is not for you

Obviously the position is voluntary unfortunately no one gets paid here but if you are quite active and enjoy the forum then it would be ideal being part of it

There is no criteria as to who can apply open to all!

Please Ensure that you create a new Helpdesk thread if you wish to apply.


  • Member Name:

    Additional Usernames:


    Email Address:

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the forum?

    Have you ever used the backend of any vBulletin forum?:

    How would you handle a user who makes a complaint of another user harassing them in Private messaging?:

    A User has made a complaint that a moderator has acted unfairly towards them, outline the steps you would take to resolve this issue:

    You infract someone for the following post "yeah well all Pakistani men are ignorant and callous and follow culture and not Islam" and the user replies to the infraction notification PM saying: "I think you made a mistake, you assumed I was being racist, but I'm not cause I'm male and pakistani myself so it's not racism."
    What would your response be?:

    A User constantly Spams helpdesk by reporting posts which does not warrant any action - how would you deal with this user?:

    If a Muslim Member constantly refers to Non-Muslim Member as a "Filthy Kuffar" how would you deal with this user?:

    A User has created a helpdesk thread and demands to know why so and so user has been banned - how would you respond?:

    A User creates a helpdesk ticket and says that a member keeps referring to them as "Love" or "Darling" how would you respond to this?:

    A User creates a helpdesk ticket saying they have issues with marriage - what would you do?:

    A user creates a helpdesk ticket expressing interest in marriage to another forum member - how would you handle this:

    Where are the rules and regulations located on the forum?:

    Give one example of something you would change on the forum in terms of functionality or general use?:

    How would you handle disagreements between a User and a moderator about a certain post thread?

    A Member has expressed an Interest in running away from home and joining some "Group" Overseas? How would you deal with such situation

    What is your understanding about Safeguarding Members?

    How do you handle Conflicts with Difficult/ Abusive Members?