Assalamu alaykum all

Would like to wish everyone Ramadhan Mubarak on behalf of Ummah Forum. May you all have a blessed and productive Ramadhan Inshallah

Once again as always a polite reminder to make good use of Ramadhan since it only comes around once a year - so please make full use of it and reap its rewards and benefits!

Also when talking to each other please be mindful and careful as to how you address other users - refrain for offending and insulting members on this forum be they muslims or non muslims alike and treat each other with respect both offline and Online

The Forum will be open business as usual for those who wish to participate here

Plenty of things to keep you entertain we will be running a LIVE 24/7 Ummah Radio Brodacast with Live Programming, talks, appeals etc via or download the app here:



Please make good use of the Ramadhan Resources forum

Also Finally Spare a thought for the less fortunate then us at the time when we are sitting down on the Iftaari Table full of food in front of us do spare a thought for those less fortunate then us and remember everyone in your Duaas and Jazakallah to the entire Ummah Forum Community plus the mods for keeping this forum going!

Ramadhan Mubarak