After careful consideration and much discussion, sisters section access has now been altered slightly to accommodate for the many female users we have on Ummah Forum. Below are the new requirements.

1) 6 months membership
2) 1000 posts
3) Skype video/voice chat with sister mod (sisters applying for access can choose whether they would prefer voice or video)


1) Vouched for by another sister who has access to the section (bypasses all other requirements)

If you fulfill the requirements mentioned above, feel free to apply via: settings > Permission Groups (sidebar on the left hand side) > select 'Sisters Usergroup' and click 'Join Group'. If you have already applied, please make sure to double check to ensure that you haven't been rejected.

We aim to get more sisters into the section before Ramadan 1435 (2014) bi'ithnillah.

Any queries or questions regarding the access, please feel free to create a thread in the Feedback section of the Forum where one of the sister mods will be happy to answer any questions you may have.