Ok, we are trying to improve access to Brother’s Forum and we have had for a while now many requests to join the Brother’s Forum on hold. We want to change this and improve the process for brother’s to be accepted to the Brother’s Forum. This is what’s going to happen:

All pending applications have just been denied so the applications process to join the Brother’s Forum has begun afresh. Before any brother’s request to join, please make sure you fulfill these minimum requirements:

-You have 1,000+ posts (Nonsense posts don’t count, and if you have a lot of random or meaningless posts you will probably have to wait longer.)
-You have been here for at least 6 months.

These requirements are only the first step and will allow us to gauge you somewhat. If you don’t have these minimum requirements and you apply, you will be automatically rejected.

When you request to join and fulfill these minimum requirements, we will be able to take it to the next step. This will be a brief conversation on phone or voice chat (ex. skype). This must be done, if you decline you will not get access. Depending on the person, we might also make other requests before giving access.

Please remember that private forum access is not a right or entitlement, it is a privilege and as such will from now on only be given to those about whom we can be certain regarding their identity. You have a much better chance if you have met brothers from the forum in person or have close relationships via phone and so on and can be vouched for by brothers that the admins/mods have met or know well.

No one is guaranteed access even if they complete the whole process. Ultimately we need to feel we know you, or one of the trusted brothers who already has access and whom we know well and that we can trust, knows you and can vouch for you.

Don't be discouraged from applying by the strict requirements, instead be reassured that when you do get access you also will have peace of mind about the level of security we attempt to uphold for you and all brothers. What happens in the brother’s forum stays in there.

Please be patient and realize this is for the overall benefit of the brothers, for our security and peace of mind.

We realize it may seem that the requirements are quite high but we are sure all brothers will appreciate the need for this and when Insha’Allah you do obtain access we're sure you will enjoy the brotherhood, the discussions and advice, and all the craziness that we have.

Jazakallahu khayr for your understanding.

Bro Admins.