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    Ummah Forum Helpdesk Co-ordinator

    Salams Guys

    Currently advertising for a new Mod Role for Dealing with all Help Desk Issues and tickets coming in and dealing with them, this is to ease off the load the current mods have to deal with so decided its best we have someone dedicated to the help desk and resolving any issues


    User will be required to moderate the helpdesk and deal with all the tickets submitted via the helpdesk, they will be main lead and charge in dealing with all issues faced by Users

    This can range from a wide rang of things such as Complaints from users, Reported Posts, Dealing with conflicts and everything else, you will be mainly responsible for ensuring that issues are resolved - You will come across everything and anything!

    You will be given Limited Moderator access as well so you may well have the ability to delete posts and other functionality required to undertake this.

    Majority of your time would be dealing with helpdesk tickets and remainder - if time persists moderating

    As with any moderator job here its all voluntary unpaid work, however if you wanted to have the experience and possibly use it in Future for your CV or any experience then you can do so and we can give references as well if need be, examples can be of if you persue career in Customer Services, Front line support, dealing with people etc, it may be beneficial or useful if of course you wish to mention this on your CV

    Other Benefit as well is being part of the Ummah.com Team and seeing how things work from the inside as well and being part of a team that drives the Website forward

    You can be based anywhere and there is no set time you need to be on

    As this is quite a sensitive position and you will gain access to Members Data, therefore anyone who gets it will be required to disclose their full name and contact number

    To Apply
    Follow the link

    We will go through each of the applications and those that pass through will have another set of questions to answer

    Some of the questions above are from Real Life instances of Helpdesk

    Attachment 61186
    Anyone on this forum - of course your profile and handle will be checked to ensure you have a good record on the forum as well

    Just to give you an idea of the things we deal with i have attached a screenshot of helpdesk (with all usernames blurred out) so just to give you an idea of stuff we have to deal with!
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