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    Is Medical Cannabis haram?

    Assalamulaikum Brothers and Sisters. I've had chronic back pain for the past 14 years and have been using various prescription drugs to try and alleviate my pain. The thing is, the prescription drugs give me a lot of side effects and has negatively affected me mentally. Recently, a close friend of mine recommended that I try Medical Cannabis to relieve my pain. He explained that it has no bad side effects apart from an increased appetite (which I think is good considering the opiates I used to take heavily suppressed my apetite). I consoled my physician about whether Cannabis would be appropriate and he said that it might be really helpful, or it might not do much at all, but he did recommend me to give it a shot so he referred me to a medical cannabis officer with a doctor's recommendation letter. So before I go out and get myself a card, I just wanted to know if it's haram. Also I wouldn't be 'smoking' it, rather 'vaporising' and sometimes combining it with food.


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    Re: Is Medical Cannabis haram?

    wa alaykumus salaam,

    best to seek help from a scholar on this one, but in general principle things which are haram normally can sometimes be used medicinally, even intoxicants.

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    Re: Is Medical Cannabis haram?

    vapouriser would be more healthier that smoking a joint.. vaping is the way to go,

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    Re: Is Medical Cannabis haram?

    Alcohol is a constituent in many many medicines.On this basis,if the intention is for curing and Allah s.t. knows best, it should be alright.



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