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    Poem: I am a Muslim, I love Moses and Jesus

    I am a Muslim: yes, I love Jesus –
    For Jesus was a Prophet of Allah.
    Jesus was a Muslim, so was Moses –
    With David – their religion was Islam.

    Allah – the Only God – The God of all –
    Allah sent Prophets to call every one –
    To worship One God – answer Allah's call –
    Prophets like Jonah, John, and Solomon –

    Also Prophets were Prophet Abraham,
    Prophet Ishmael, Jacob, and Isaac –
    With Noah – they all believed in Islam –
    With Muhammad – as their final and last.

    Love Allah, and love His Last Messenger –
    Muhammad, who owned the best character.
    (SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam)

    written by Mariam Mababaya

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    Re: Poem: I am a Muslim, I love Moses and Jesus

    assalam o alikum
    jazakALLAH for sharing



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