A deviant body, dubbing itself FIQH COUNCIL OF NORTH AMERICA, has resolved to ‘abrogate’ the fourteen century Rooyah (Physical Sighting) principle of the Shariah. Since the time of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)—from the very inception of Islam—to the present day, the sacred principle o¬n the basis of which the Islamic dates are determined was and shall perpetually be Rooyah (physical sighting) of the crescent moon. The miscreant so-called ‘fiqh council of North America’ is now attempting to abrogate the Shariah by claiming that the inviolable principle of the Shariah is outdated and that it applied to o¬nly illiterate people living in the desert, mountains, villages and the like. But for the ignoramus liberals who are bereft of Deeni insight and extremely deficient in Islamic knowledge, the deviant fiqh council, claim that the new principle of this belated 21st century is ‘astronomical calculations’.

Astronomical calculations have no validity in regard to the determination of the Islamic dates. The Fuqaha (Jurists of Islam) have abundantly and adequately ruled o¬n the impermissibility of this method in so far as it concerns Ramadhaan, the Eids and the Islamic months in general. The errant fiqh council of North America has strayed from the Straight Path of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah in its conspiracy to abrogate the sacred principles of the Shariah. This Deen was perfected fourteen centuries ago. It is not in need of the mutations which the aberrant fiqh council seeks to hook o¬nto the Shariah.
Muslim communities in America should reject the new plot of the fiqh council and continue to determine the Islamic dates in the method shown and commanded to the Ummah by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) more than fourteen hundred years ago. The determination of the Islamic months by the act of Rooyah is an ibaadat which cannot be compromised. The liberals of the fiqh council are attempting to scuttle this sacred principle with their bid’ah of astronomical calculations which the Muslim communities in America should incumbently reject.
Muslims have to incumbently reject the determination method of the misguided modernists and adhere to the fourteen century old commands of the Shariah. The Shariah may not be trifled with. These modernists and misguided liberals despoil the ibaadat of Muslims with the products of their nafsaani opinions. The o¬nLY valid method by which the commencement of the Islamic month is confirmed is by physical sighting of the crescent moon or by the confirmed sighting of another place—a sighting which is conveyed reliably in terms of the Shariah, Muslim communities should not allow themselves to be stampeded into baatil (falsehood) by bodies sporting high sounding designations.