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    Made a BIG mistake! Please translate this! Very short.

    I need someone good in Arabic to translate I have made a big mistake. I accidentally led on this young man blindly without realizing. Now I must apologize to him, ask for forgiveness and now repent.

    But his English is very broken so please translate:

    Please forgive me, for leading you on. I never intended to do so. May Allah guide us and help us become better Muslims.

    Also can I advise him to maybe repent too?

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    Re: Made a BIG mistake! Please translate this! Very short.

    أرجوك سامحني لأنني قدتك للمكان الغلط لم أقصد ذلك ابدا
    و أرجوا من الله أن يساعدنا و يجعلنا مسلمين جيدين



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