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    sugar makes me angry

    when i eat sugary food, i always get angry. like now i can't stand anyone talking to me. i can't distinguish it being anger or low mood. but like all day today i was happy joking about and laughing. and just now i had some sugary milk shake and i'm proper irritable, and a bad mood. why is that?

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    Re: sugar makes me angry

    Then don't eat sugary foods =)

    It probably raises your blood pressure and over-works your heart. The end result is panic/anger

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    Re: sugar makes me angry

    Quote Originally Posted by Uegistered View Post
    when i eat sugary food, i always get angry. like now i can't stand anyone talking to me. i can't distinguish it being anger or low mood. but like all day today i was happy joking about and laughing. and just now i had some sugary milk shake and i'm proper irritable, and a bad mood. why is that?
    Apparently there's a causal link between sugar consumption and mental illness. Am not suggesting that you have mental illness but it's obviously having an abnormal effect on you. From an article I read a while back, the best form of sugar 'raw unrefined'. You need expert advice but you might want to check the type of sugar you're consuming (if possible).

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    Re: sugar makes me angry

    You've heard the phrase "you are what you eat", but to some people it can have a far more dramatic and literal meaning than others. There are two issues you need to pay attention to here:

    1- Is it really sugar that is causing you to be like this?

    2- Is it other sweet things (eg artificial sweeteners and additives) that are causing this problem?

    I've heard a lot of people say that foods containing artificial additives cause a change in behaviour and mood. Have you ever heard of parents complain that their young kids have "gone hyper from a sugar rush"? Well according to scientific experiments, it turned out that it wasn't sugar that caused this change in behaviour, but rather it was the artificial additives such as colourants and sweeteners that were added to things like sweets, soft drinks and things like that (coke and cola alternatives are often the worst culprits from what other mums have told me)- even going so far as to significantly worsening conditions like ADHD. Those same kids do not have the same behavioural changes if they are given sugar in more natural foods such as home baked cakes and biscuits. So the problem turned out to be sweets rather than sugars.

    Also artificial sweeteners that go in 'no added sugar' drinks such as sugar free ribena etc, they often contain chemicals that are even more lethal and worse for health than sugar- such as aspartame, tartrazine, sacharine etc and these things also need to be avoided at all costs. If you find that you still want sweet things and it's more a case of artificial sugars causing you problems, then you should stick to more natural sweet treats by getting things like cakes and biscuits instead of sweets and fizzy drinks and also veering towards more natural sugars that are unrefined such as honey or maple syrup.

    Having said all that, even so, in some cases, some people do have adverse reactions to sugar as well and it can lead to depression or other mood disturbances (sounds weird cos' normally we expect sweet things to cheer us up). I know one woman (who is of sound mind and not mentally ill) who said that sugar made her feel suicidal- so she simply benefitted from avoiding it. I know this is going to sound really strange but I may as well tell you that I'm sure cocopops make me cry- it's happened on more than one occassion and I'm still unsure as to why that is. Having a little sugar in my tea etc hasn't really caused me any problems. Allahu alam.

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    Re: sugar makes me angry

    Go to see a doctor, you may have diebetes.

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    Re: sugar makes me angry

    I get the same reaction from sugar. I think it is the refined process in which it's made and also the spike in your blood sugar when you eat it. Also, I have a history of bouts of depression, and when I eat sugar, my tendency to fall back into that is exaserbated. The only real and obvious solution is to stop eating pretty much anything with refined sugar which is hard. You might also look into doing a Candida detox diet for a few weeks to see how you feel. Especially if you're a female, the chances of you having a Candida overgrowth is high. I also notice that when I'm eating extremely healthy(mostly raw and whole foods), literally the second that I eat something greasy or sugary, even just a little makes me immediately angry. This is because those foods are literally poison and when your body gets the chance to free itself from exposure to those poisons, it reacts even more negatively when you ingest it. Sugar is a poison(do research on the effects of sugar on your body and there is a list of hundreds of ways that sugar is poisoning your body). Bottom line is that to reach your full potential as a functioning human, you need to avoid candy, baked goods, even breads and pastas unless they are sprouted grain bread or buckwheat or spelt pasta. I love cookies so it tool some time to adjust but I would suggest you dive right into an anticandida diet and from there reintroduce fruits but none of the other icky anger inducing crap!
    Cheers and good luck!

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