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    Question Making Dua for exam results - How should one feel?

    How should one feel when making Dua? I've got AS exam results coming out next week. I've been making Dua in English asking Allah to give me the grades I need. However my question is, should I feel optimistic after making the dua? Or should I feel nervous and worried, after all it is natural to feel that way.

    The thing is, if I feel optimistic, it might creep over to being confident, and I hate feeling confident, because it breeds arrogance.

    But if I feel worried or nervous, then am I not trusting Allah? I've made the Duas, so I should stop the worring, right?

    I really don't know how to feel, how should one feel after making Dua on a daily basis?

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    Re: Making Dua for exam results - How should one feel?

    mke dua and leave everything in ALLAH hands, insha'Allah. and so far feelings are concerned, for muslims there is Only one path, siraat e mustaqeem, got W???
    Balance, 50% worries + 50% satisfaction and they gonna make you Neutral for studing, Ibadah everything insha'Allah...if anyone of the above is up or down the due level then it will cause trouble as if you are satisfied 100% then you wont be able to work hard or if you are worried that such then how come you can act/study with Dense mind??
    and in Arabic its good to ask but you can go in ur own language...
    hey there is simple one why not to learn that by heart?

    Dua For Exams befor you start styding/attempting.

    and ask urself your study is for whome? its for name or in the Name of Allah? make it turn towars HIM then it will count in Ibadah Ok..

    and so far Thawakal is concerned, try to put 100% trust in HIM HE Deserves non the less than this
    say this,
    Hasbunallahu wa ni`mal Wakil. [Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).]'' (3:173).

    and feel like HE will favoured you with best insha'Allah..and even if you don't happen to get your expected GPA then worried not HE has helped you out by blessing you more than you were going to achieve--believe it. and the trust shoud not be like this that you are going to test HIM, Nay.. you are going to say alhamdulillah before your result even as you should be asure of His Hand..
    but see our faith is not that much, we can not put Trust the way it should be and then we start blaming Him, astaghfirullah, rather we are to blame ourselves,

    IT is Impossible YOU Trust Allah and you not get the desirable result..

    so better to work hard as He says you will get what you effert..
    Obey Him, work hard and Trust Him--you will get 1st class marks insha'Allah.
    and Thank Him in advance it will add to ur Trust insha'Allah.

    Best of Luck




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