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    basic fiqh farrh ain


    I want to learn what is fardh on me as a muslim.
    What I need to know is
    1. how much arabic learning ans in the language is fardh
    2. how much fiqh am I supposed to know
    3. how much aqidah I am supposed to know.


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    Re: basic fiqh farrh ain

    I think every Muslim should have basic understanding of Arabic, because no doubt the Arabic language has a very special place in Islam. It is reported that Umar ibn Yazeed wrote to Abu Musa al-Ash’ari (RadiyAllahu 'anhu) and said: ‘Learn the Sunnah and learn Arabic; learn the Qur’aan in Arabic for it is Arabic.’ Also the famous saying of Umar ibn al Khattab (radiyAllahu 'anhu): 'Learn Arabic for it is part of your religion. Personally I think every Muslim should be able/learn to read the Quran by themselves and atleast have a slight idea what the verses mean, and the same for ahadith. The importance of the Arabic language cant be stressed enough really, its only due to the lack of it that people started innovating things in the religion by misinterpreting the Quran and ahadith. InshaAllah you should stive to learn Arabic in order for you to understand your religion more.
    As for fiqh, the basics of it are the most important, like performing salah, what nullifies it , tahaarah (purity), what breaks your wudhu', what requires you to make ghusl (ritual bath) etc, so these are the sort of things you should be trying to learn.
    Aqidah is the basis of ones religion, because if you dont know about Tawheed, you cant be worshipping Allah properly. So start off with the basics like, 'who is Allah?', the names and attributes of Allah.
    This is my opinion/advice inshaAllah someone more knowledgeable can elaborate on this. Lastly, just wanted to add seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim (hadith), and it is ongoing meaning you'll never be at a stage where you know enough and no longer need to continue seeking knowledge..so inshaAllah start with the basics and carry on. May Allah increase us in beneficial knowledge ameen.
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