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    What is this dua for?


    can anyone tell me what this dua is recited for:

    " Allah huma rabbi yassir wala tu assir wa tamm mim bil khair wa bika nas taeen"

    Thank you

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    Lightbulb Re: What is this dua for?

    "Allahumma Rabbi Yassir Wa La Tu'assir Wa Tammim Bil Khairi Wabika Nasta'een ya fattah Rabbi zidni Ilma"

    i can remind it as its one of dua i recited when i was sitting for exams. its to make the studies easy.

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    Re: What is this dua for?

    Wa alaykumus salaam.
    I can remember something close to that Du'ah but don't know if it reads alright, it goes as follows:
    "Allaahumma Rabbee Yassir Walaa Tu'assir, Faja'alanee Amree Sahlan Yaseerah, Farham Bukaa'i Anta Jidlee Bi Afwika, Wa Fukka Aseerah."
    Please can anyone HELP say something about its correctness and if possible translate it into English. Jazaakal Laahu Khayra!




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