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Thread: Kanz-ul-Amal

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    Can somebody give me some details /info on the book Kanz-ul-Amal ?

    Also, how authentic are the hadith found in this book considered to be ?

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    Re: Kanz-ul-Amal

    Question: Is the work “Kanz al- `Ummāl” by Alī Muttaqī al-Hindī a reliable source of hadīth?

    Answered by Sheikh Muhammad al-Turkī, professor at King Sa`ūd University
    Regarding the book Kanz al-`Ummāl, if the questioner is asking if all hadīth mentioned in this book are authentic, then I would have to say: Definately not. The book is full of weak and false hadīth.

    If you like to know where the author got the book’s narrations from then I can tell you that this book is, in fact, a rearrangement of al-Jāmi` al-Kabīr and its annexes that was originally compiled by Imam al-Sūyūtī. When Imam al-Sūyūtī wrote his book, his intention was to gather together all the hadīth that he knew, whether they were authentic or not. Al-Sūyūtī openly admitted that there were some false hadīth in it.

    Therefore, when the author of Kanz al-`Ummāl rearranged al-Sūyūtī’s book, it was obvious that his book would also contain a number of weak and false hadīth, since the original work on which it was based contained the same

    al-Muttaqi al-Hindi (d.975), Kanz al-‘Ummal fi Sunan al-Aqwa wa’l-Af’al, ed. Shaykh Bakri Hayyani, Mu’assasat al-Risalah, Beirut 1409-1989.

    Subject arranged collection by an Indian scholar who put together al-Suyuti’s large Hadith-collections al-Jami’ al-Saghir and its Zawa’id into one and arranged them in Fiqh-chapter headings as in a Jami’ or Sunan book. It was one of the largest published works, containing an amazing number of 46.624 narrations. Al-Mutaqqi wrote several works based on al-Suyuti’s collections, but this work is the most comprehensive and its al-Hindi (d.975), Kanz al-‘Ummal fi Sunan al-Aqwa wa’l-Af’al, ed. Shaykh Bakri Hayyani, Mu’assasat al-Risalah, Beirut 1409-1989.
    If you want the book wiht takhriz, i may give you in arabic.
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