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View Poll Results: Hijab + Make-up negates the whole point of Hijab - Yes or No?

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  • Im a sister and i concur wholeheartedly with the aforementioned thesis

    82 41.84%
  • Im a sister and I think your talking aload of cobblers mate

    39 19.90%
  • Im a brother and i agree...lets be friends

    55 28.06%
  • Im a brother and i disagree - no hard feelings

    12 6.12%
  • Im a brother and i dont know what i think

    8 4.08%
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    Hijab + Make-up negates the whole point of Hijab? - This is not a make-up thread

    Does a hijab with make-up negate the whole point of hijab? Do you wear make-up with hijab? what are the reasons for it?
    Bros, what would you do if your wife wore make-up with hijab? is it calling out for attention? can it be excused? is it normal?

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    Re: Hijab + Make-up negates the whole point of Hijab? - This is not a make-up thread

    Ok... If a woman stares or touches my husband, should I teach her a lesson or two?
    I propably would. She can get 10 more lessons for free too. I am so generous....

    No one gets close to my man!
    (wait.., I don't even have one... Sad life )




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