Assalamu alaykum,

The Islamic Parenting section has been created for users who wish to learn more about raising and educating children with the correct Islamic lifestyle and upbringing. It is also a source for parents and parents-to-be to ask questions and advice pertaining to parenting.

We would like to keep this section to the point and therefore threads/ posts which are offtopic or which do not serve a healthy discussion or debate will be removed without notice. Repetative posting of content which does not comply with the section will result in warnings and in the extreme case, a ban.

Please respect this section; it has been created so we are able to educate and teach ourselves the importance of bringing children up correctly.

The children of now are the future. There is nothing greater than giving your child the best upbringing you can, because this will essentially shape them into the adult they choose to become, the decisions they make, the path they follow.

We are told that the children of Adam leave everything behind when we return to our Lord, with one of the exceptions being a pious child who remembers and prays for you. Let us use this opportunity to help ourselves and others, so we all leave this world with our children remembering us in their prayers.

Wa alaykum salam

The Ummah Admin/ Mod team.