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    Animals/pets and Jannah

    As salamu alaikum.

    I've been thinking lately, are there animals in heaven? Does animals here on earth goto heaven after they die?

    Also I heard something somewhere that when we die, our pet(s) will speak for or against us depending on the way you treat your pet(s), is that true? If so what happens to them after they help us? Do they get "discarded" or something?

    As salamu alaikum.
    There's nothing natural about natural disasters. Think about it...

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    Allaahummaghfir li-hayyinaa wa mayyitinaa wa sagheerinaa wa kabeerinaa wa dhaakarinaa wa unthaanaa wa shaahidinaa wa ghaa'ibinaa
    Allaahumma man a7-yaytahoo min-naa fa a7-yihee 'alal-eemaan wa man tawaffayatahoo min-naa fa tawaffahoo 'alal-Islaam

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    Re: Animals/pets and Jannah

    I had always wondered about that. very interesting!!! Makes me feel a little better. Because I rescue cats mostly. When I see a stray that is sick, injured or starved, I take them in, take them to the vet if needed and nurse them back to adoptable health and adopt them out. I have fostered a dog for an elderly vetern. I just can't say no to a homeless, injured or starved animal. I love them so much!!!!





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