View Full Version : whose honour is more important, sisters or wifes.

18-08-10, 08:53 PM
who is more import sister or wife.
whose honour should you protect more.
wife,or sister.
who is more important wife or sister.
my parents tell me my sister is more my responsibilty .
is that true,is wife my responsibilty first or is sister first.
sorry if question sounds silly,its not meant to be.
views on this matter please.

18-08-10, 09:02 PM
more so your wife but keep an eye out for your unwed sisters. but saying that your sisters are your fathers responsibility. your parents probably mean generally just looking out for them.

18-08-10, 09:12 PM
I would say your wife, because as a husband you have to feed and provide for her, and unwed sisters are the responsibility of their father until they have a husband, inshaAllah. Allah Alam, but that's what makes sense to me.

18-08-10, 09:16 PM
It is very easy to just say 'wife'. It's not as simple as that, the question is not a very wise.

They are both your responsibility as you are their mahrams and guardian. Their should be no higher and lower in your mind, you should do your best to look after both the best you can, especially if your father is elderly/unwell. Having a list in your mind will not help you.

18-08-10, 10:37 PM
Why should one's 'honour' be more important than the other's?? And in what situation would you even have to prioritise one over the other?

19-08-10, 01:01 AM
what do you mean by 'honour'

secondly, a wife has her own place with regards to you, and a sister has hers. why should they be weighed and compared.

19-08-10, 01:05 AM
The relationships are way different.

Is a brother wrong if he isn't protective about his sister (not telling her she needs to wear a hijab etc. cuz he doesn't feel like it's his duty especially since she knows it) as much as he would to his wife (telling her to put on a niqaab because he can't stand other men seeing his wife's face)?

(those are just examples)

19-08-10, 12:33 PM
both, but moreso your wife because her reputation will effect your children

19-08-10, 12:50 PM
For you its your wifes honour, and for your father its your sisters honour.

19-08-10, 02:48 PM
Both. Tut- ridiculous question!