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  1. What is your Gender?
  2. Does anyone remember the 'Islamic Gateway' chatroom on Multichat??
  3. Earth Is Flat!
  4. The Football Thread 2
  5. Cock-eyed?
  6. 40 days dua
  7. Canada Vs Sweden Vs Australia
  8. Is this a halal ringtone/alarm tone?
  9. What made you sad today..
  10. What made you smile today?
  11. We don't have an annoying thread so....
  12. How Man Has Been Emasculated In The West
  13. The funny thread : Share funny jokes/stories
  14. Most creative/interesting username on ummah forum!
  15. What is the last exercise you did?
  16. Would you put up with a spouse who fails in one of their responsibilites
  17. I am now leaving the forum
  18. Are you depressed?
  19. Maajid Nawaz
  20. Ummah Forum Members with Similar Traits and Qualities?!
  21. The Wahhabi returns
  22. Age Test
  23. Answer me truthfully...
  24. Bros Fun thread
  25. The age poll
  26. woah woah woah slow down
  27. Quick questions thread
  28. Who is seen to have the most emotional baggage?
  29. How many times do you visit the doctor in a year?
  30. Post whatever you feel like sharing
  31. Budi Sudaryo's Islamic Tidbits from Around the World
  32. who thinks we need more moderators?
  33. my questions!
  34. Im from India..... Muslim Brother asks questions to shia´s
  35. OMG i'm sooooooooooo excited
  36. brothers do you wear v neck tops? t shirts, shirts etc
  37. Ask any member a question thread
  38. talk to me about these 'beautiful' 'gentle' souls...
  39. why do so many women lurve bad boys?
  40. Arabic Alphabet for Kids
  41. The count to 1000 thread.
  42. Islamic Arabic words
  43. Marriage??
  44. Allah sab musalmano ki shaam ki hifazat farmaye
  45. language lovers thread-
  46. Going to learn Arabic insha'Allah
  47. Identified writing
  48. Help mother in law drama
  49. Where can I apply for this profession
  50. Would you expect your wife to cook food from 'back home'?
  51. How can I clear my phone
  52. Is everyone enjoying the trump white house?
  53. "Fair" Females (Hoor) in Jannah?
  54. That feeling when..
  55. Too many immigrants in my country and it's depressing me
  56. Mothers
  57. Stupid English expressions/proverbs I never use
  58. Racism against Sons on the rise
  59. Can we play games here?
  60. Is this humility or arrogance ?
  61. How this section works.
  62. Testing
  63. Can the users name the new section?
  64. The Forum Rules Are Still Applicable Here
  65. Is fries vegetable
  66. New section name change thread! - VOTE NOW
  67. Imagine if my username was this: )
  68. Emoticons haram?!
  69. What do u guys think about trump's son in law
  70. Parking Charges GRRR!!!1
  71. Salaam UF members
  72. Is Kiro a outcast?
  73. A Good Advice to 'R.A.S'
  74. buying a car for the wife?
  75. Interesting Facts
  76. Fear The Kebab! Slovakia Bans Islam.
  77. How many mods does it take to change a lightbulb?
  78. Amharic thread
  79. So who's in the R.A.S movement?
  80. Pakistan a Kufr state (like many other so called Muslim nations/states)
  81. How to identify modern day Munafiqeen, Mushrikeen, and ahlul Bid'ah
  82. Saudi declares war against the USA and Israel for killing Muslims Worldwide
  83. Have sabr, count to ten and dont insult the mods
  84. Changing bed sheets
  85. Hilter Watches Ancient Aliens
  86. Turkey referendum: Kebab camp set to win after most votes counted
  87. What are the main issues with the Muslims that reside in these countries ?
  88. Do husbands wipe their wife's tears?
  89. What is your MBTI personality type?
  90. Off topic discussion from "If animals are for eating" thread.
  91. Shout out to abu & Abu Abdullah
  92. Sonu Nigam calls Azaan a nuisance
  93. Marvel fires Muslim artist over hidden religious symbols in X-Men comics
  94. Ijtihad
  95. Do Salafis belueve in following a madhab?
  96. Deobandi
  97. Ummah forum needs to shutdown....its time.
  98. If stores are so expensive to own, how come so many Muslims own one?
  99. What does Islam say about this?
  100. New president
  101. Mods be like
  102. Ummah Forum-itis stories
  103. Who is someone
  104. Blaming the other person
  105. Sisters only
  106. Brothers only...
  107. Le Pen's nomination .... the new face of Europe
  108. What is it with TSR
  109. Why did everyone just get banned for?
  110. Is the Uni of Madinah dirty?
  111. Could the mod who's moving threads stop.
  112. The Rule of Elections in Islam
  113. Good to be back
  114. Indian brides given bats to keep abusive husbands in check
  115. Headscarfs
  116. What's the hardest hijaiyah letter to learn?
  117. Should I just wear it anyway
  118. Sisters- wearing makeup at weddings
  119. What is strength to you all?
  120. Should we care about what other people think??
  121. Power vs love
  122. Best places to chill with wifey...
  123. yajuj and majooj
  124. Do you think being overweight says something about a potentials lifestyle?
  125. hate going to the dentist, anyone else like that?
  126. New Printer has ink cartridge already installed?
  127. Benefits of voting?
  128. Men being whipped
  129. Domestic abuse woman shares her texts
  130. Would you allow your daughter or son to marry outside their race?
  131. Marrying a non-muslim
  132. Great card idea
  133. Why do we remember things that happened in the past and feel moments of sadness?
  134. Is WW3 close?
  135. Your strengths?
  136. an idea that will benefit you.
  137. Saudi Arabia will be razed except for Mecca & Medina if it attacks Iran
  138. Afraid of going back
  139. Question regarding adultery
  140. If God doesn't exist, we don't have free will
  141. Why so much Nationalism in Muslims of UK?
  142. How do you hide a zina from a husband?
  143. Genuine question. What have the saudis got to show for being an ally of united states
  144. Average forum nationality/ethnicity?
  145. Cara Dakwah Untuk Para Pemuda Muslim
  146. I want to marry 4 women
  147. Difficulty in reaching a potential spouse
  148. Hizbut Tahrir women explain how men should hit their wives
  149. Saudis execute a pedophile
  150. What to eat for suhoor that doesn't make you sleepy yet keeps you energized enough?
  151. Mohammed al Yaqoubi Salman al Ouda connect
  152. A small talk between a husband and a wife
  153. Being removed from discussion
  154. Travel Pics...
  155. Second Marriage without anyone's knowledge
  156. What is the proof for the 2 nafl rakah in maghrib?
  157. !
  158. Does it look bad if you don't work?
  159. What the freak do they want?
  160. What should I do with my eyebrows
  161. How much attention/time does a husband need
  162. United Kingdom - Divorce capital of the world
  163. Triple Talaq: India
  164. Unethical Logo Clothing
  165. Lebanon : Child Custody after Divorce
  166. Health Benefits of Prayer
  167. Could a Joint Muslim Ummah defeat the United States in a war?
  168. Would a muslim Ummah defeat the United States in a war?
  169. Is there actual salad in ur salad? [Lettuce News]
  170. The Crusades, An Arab Perspective - AJ series
  171. Dull Forum
  172. black holes
  173. Mehdi hasan upset about trump's visit to saudi it seems
  174. Pain in right shoulder.
  175. Masjid is only 6-10 minutes walking distance away...is congreation obligatory?
  176. I'm finally married :')
  177. A guy without a full beard
  178. Marrying JUST to fulfil his desires?
  179. share a awkward moment and lets giggle
  180. East Asian/South East Asian Beard Genetics.
  181. How to spot an Extremist, so I can avoid it and advise them?"
  182. I am furious
  183. Business crumbled, what kind of job should I search for that is Halal?
  184. If your mother in law thinks you are ugly...
  185. The scientific language thread
  186. Your non- negotiables
  187. Katie Hopkins sacked by LBC following Manchester attack 'final solution' comments
  188. Share whatever ramadhan related things u wanna share
  189. Saudi citizen performs Umrah on behalf of Donald Trump
  190. Operation Condor and how the US are killing Muslims....
  191. Is Ibn al haythami lenient in hadith rulings?
  192. Non- negotiables
  193. Marriage between Pakistanis and Indians
  194. Bad examples of marriage
  195. Muslims with Revert Parents.....Anyone in a similar situation?
  196. Shuyukh
  197. I have a new favorite reciter
  198. How to say sorry?
  199. any pc gamers? or gamers in general on this forum?
  200. Dilemna...
  201. Jew men wearing BLINDFOLD because immodest women?
  202. Mother in Law trouble + black majic
  203. Is Islam's Holiest Month Turning Into a Shopping Holiday?
  204. Ramadhan in the Arctic Circle
  205. ISIS Claims responsibility of attack in Manila but Government denies it..
  206. Fidget Spinners
  207. any Dragon ball or Dragon ball Z fans out here?
  208. Is this halal?
  209. 2017 members
  210. help me with my english exam
  211. Abu Kamel Get in here immediately
  212. Help!!
  213. the queen
  214. Compulsory to believe in abrogation?
  215. Miracles and Endtimes?
  216. Which methodology do you follow
  217. Early Polygamy
  218. Anyone else feels like the forum is dying due to interesting threads being locked
  219. My mom saw a jinn yesterday....
  220. Turkey is our Last hope
  221. As dajjal female followers
  222. The importance of surah al-rahman for marriage and to solve problems
  223. Good tip for ending Ramadan
  224. is ´Shia Mahdi´ a ´Half-Roman´ ?
  225. Sunni vs Shia or Saudi Arabia Vs Iran
  226. Is brother Samin62 still here?
  227. Post whatever you feel like sharing
  228. I just can't do it any more!!!
  229. Hey, Linkdeutscher
  230. Should I quit my Job?
  231. UK's first muslim gay wedding
  232. Why most women are liberal minded?
  233. 9/11 Trillions and CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9 11’
  234. Morose's exams
  235. Shaik Akram Nadwi
  236. Would you salaaam??
  237. Why does every Muslim?
  238. Faked car bomb attack in Iraq - Actors hired to do the job
  239. How stupid and hypocrite white christains are in the US. LOL
  240. Skype...technical issues
  241. im new here
  242. Those are symptoms of an hard Mental Retardation
  243. Teens laughed while a man drowned to death.
  244. American radio station cancel Richard Dawkins event due to his Islamophobic comments
  245. Pre-9/11 Predictive Programming Brainwash Of U.S. Public Through Films
  246. Are Indian muslims nicer than other muslims?
  247. Why I believe Turkey is next and Pakistan
  248. Thread: Liberalism is mental illness
  249. British Media - Tell you about Jewish Celebrity
  250. Survey finds most American Muslims believe “society should accept homosexuality”