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  1. What do Muslims think about the Satanic Verses?
  2. Does Belief in Allah Cure Depression?
  3. Tawassul in Islam: Halaal or Haraam
  4. Islam, A Religion Of Peace?
  5. What is the difference between a Wahhabi, a Salafi and a Salafist?
  6. The Meaning and Reality of Tasawwuf in Islam
  7. What does Wahhabis/Salafis believe and what makes them different from other Muslims
  8. What are your views on Hadeeth Rejectors?
  9. Image of the Prophet (pbuh)
  10. Do you pray again even if you forgot or werent sure if you prayed?
  11. Why don't Hanafi's join feet to feet?
  12. Was Islam spread by the Sword?
  13. Why do people ignore islamic rulings on rape?
  14. Is writing/reading fiction haram?
  15. Mawlid
  16. Be Muslim. Stop this Shia-Sunni division
  17. What is the Shia view of Aisha and Hafsah and the Sahaba (RA)
  18. Start of the namaz
  19. No Madhab, No sheikh, not salafi, what am i?
  20. Is music halal or haram?
  21. Good Manners
  22. Is Sahih International Reliable?
  23. Are we allowed to celebrate our birthdays ?
  24. The Birth-Date of the Prophet and the History of the Mawlid
  25. Reading manga
  26. Should Muslims hate everyone?
  27. Just wanna say never ever ever ever mistrust in Allah Swt
  28. Is niqab fard?
  29. What does Islam say about honor killing?
  30. Why you are defeated?
  31. Dilemma
  32. Stones given to me by fortune tellers and 'luck'
  33. Moderate sunni scholars
  34. Organizations funded by religious groups
  35. Need Sources on my Points
  36. help me plzz
  37. am I responsible for what others do with what I make?
  38. Doing istikhara for Islamic rulings?
  39. Is it haram to make counterfeit money?
  40. Is it haram to work with women?
  41. Women Voting in Islam
  42. Am I doomed?
  43. Concept of God: Pre-destination?
  44. Question: Do Sunni Muslims hate Shia Muslims?
  45. Hadith about attaining sixty years of age
  46. Quranice Duas in Urdu
  47. Is it necessary to perform namaz in arabic?
  48. I don't want to do namaz
  49. Please help me... It's important.
  50. Concentrating during salah
  51. Wakil.
  52. Helping a convert
  53. Do Duas really work? Do they change laws of cause and effect?
  54. Verse about Jesus (AS) in Qur'an
  55. Can an apostate return to Islam no matter what he's done?
  56. Intro to the Shafi'i Madhab
  57. Surah As Saffat
  58. A question from a shia....need help
  59. I am not sure Allah exist , then why should i pray ?
  60. Theory “We need to put our theological differences aside”
  61. Question About HADITH & QUR'AN
  62. Important Questions about Qur'an and Islam etc.
  63. Shia abused this hadith a lot. true meaning?
  64. I've read hadiths about Aisha (ra) being 9..
  65. Ftawa1do muslim women have the right to act in its money without her husband's perm
  66. What is something important that you learned
  67. Few Questions
  68. Does anyone know a site where I can read about the narrators of Hadith?
  69. Question about apostasy
  70. Praying missed nafil of fajr after the fajr
  71. Salafis are Ahle Sunna or Not???????
  72. What does halal mean to you?
  73. What Is Jizya?
  74. Why do atheists ignore the scientific facts in the Quran?
  75. Question about ashes (making homes into graveyards)
  76. What Is The Ruling On The Treatment Of Non-Muslims?
  77. Is this Hadith accurate?
  78. Is this Shirk?
  79. Fasting
  80. Can Dua change rules of nature?
  81. Asking Others To Give You Money.
  82. Is this acceptable?
  83. Friday Prayer In School
  84. 1000 years old
  85. Is this a bad idea to send someone a Qur'an?
  86. Question
  87. Is this Hadith authentic?
  88. Information for Research Project
  89. Where is the punishment for rape/molestation stated
  90. What if you are wrong? What if I am right?
  91. How to fix my faith plz Help
  92. I'm confused about marriage for girls who have not menstruated
  93. Is it true that everyone in heaven will be 9 meters tall?
  94. Question about people of the book (Christians and Jews)
  95. Why would she be considered an adulteress ..
  96. Would I get sins from this?
  97. Da3waa to Christians
  98. A question about verse 24:32 of the Qur´an
  99. How to pray Salat-al-Awwabin?
  100. Question about bukhari hadith
  101. Some body killed a chicken is that haram?
  102. My friend...
  103. Are men considered more trustworthy than women?
  104. Q about fajr prayer
  105. We shouldn't tell our dreams...
  106. You know in prayer on the tashahud part...
  107. Arabic letters at end or middle or verses in Quran
  108. Shaitan rapes females in bathroom if their heads are uncovered?
  109. Have a Q for someone
  110. shaytan, 1 thing or many?
  111. any specific way to do charity?/ an introductory guide to ramadan?
  112. does charity remove blackness from heart?
  113. "Slip of the tounge" oath.
  114. Are these hadiths authentic?
  115. Is watching a anime about alchemy haram?
  116. Question: Are hypocrites (Munafiq) the majority or the minority of muslims?
  117. Please help me(black magic)(im sorry if this is wrong thread)
  118. Heaven In Islam
  119. Spain’s Forgotten Muslims – The Expulsion of the Moriscos (europes first genocide)
  120. Is there any such Hadith?
  121. help find out what surah this is and were in quaran i can find it
  122. Is Nationalism or atleast pride in ones country not encouraged in Islam
  123. Can I be forgiven?
  124. A question about an Arabic word in verse 38:52
  125. Performing salah without understanding its meaning .
  126. Are Cash awards In Islam Haram?
  127. The forgotten Sunnah's - Let's Revive Them!!
  128. Do Muslims accept the Gospels as true?
  129. Is The Qur'an reliable?
  130. Is it haram to review music for money?
  131. Shahada in Jerusalem
  132. How much food is too much?
  133. Question about Taqiyya in work environment
  134. Question about the prophet (peace be upon him)
  135. Will paul walker and nelson mandela go to hell?
  136. Biographies of the Prophet
  137. Ash-hadu aN or ash-hadu aL?
  138. need help with kalma's please
  139. please help with this dua
  140. Name of this nasheed?
  141. Are braces haram?
  142. Loudspeakers playing the Shahada over and over again at funerals
  143. Marriage
  144. is there a dua to allah to give me my voice back
  145. Islam, Heavn, Marriage, and Wife
  146. What is meant by the angel of death "guarding aya al Kursi" and is it accurate
  147. If a Muslim go to hell, will it be forever?
  148. Why they say takbir??
  149. البحر المحيط في اصول الفقه
  150. Is watching Anime Haram?
  151. Qur'an
  152. Question about praying
  153. When I pray I don't see anything besides the floor, is that normal?
  154. It is time for some answers!!
  155. Quran study for non-arabic reverts
  156. Thinking about leaving Islam
  157. I need need some help and advice. NOW!
  158. Muhammad, prophethood
  159. Brillos say fasting on Milad is a commendable act
  160. Is it halal for a shia to pray with me?
  161. Stories Haram?
  162. Quran and science?
  163. Scientific errors in the Hadith?
  164. Bowing & Kissing The Hand Of Your Shaykh: Permisable or Shirk?
  165. Can evil/not very good Muslims become a Hafidh?
  166. How many times can a person sin before he is rejected?
  167. Islamic etiquette from non-muslims
  168. The Illuminati
  169. Censorship on true Islam
  170. Namaz question.
  171. Al-Baqarah
  172. Alright brothers.. question about Salah
  173. Story – Negative Istikhaara For Marriage
  174. Can Allah do the logically impossible
  175. I have a question including a fetish
  176. Duha prayer
  177. Is home confinement still a punishment?
  178. How can I remember Allah?
  179. Are some Non Muslims (morally) more Islamic then Muslims themselves ?
  180. Is there a Difference between Atheist and Kafir ?
  181. -What was one of the dua RasoolAllah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said the most?
  182. Help!
  183. Seeking Advice on life problems, predestination, etc.
  184. Is becoming a Plastic Surgeon Haram ?
  185. Is it okay to ask Allah to guide a disbeliever (particularly a Christian)
  186. Were the Prophet and Companions, Jihadis?
  187. What Is the proof of heaven and hell ?
  188. Where do we go after death?
  189. What Country are you from ?
  190. want to talk to ex-atheist and also revert
  191. Family unwilling to learn so you teach others, does this make you a hypocrite ?
  192. milad food
  193. Making fun of people!
  194. I Need Help
  195. Dua-e-Hajat. Does it Work?
  196. Do you have to read the Janaza (Funeral) prayer in Arabic ?
  197. confusion and queations regarding verses about attacking disbelievers
  198. Rebuttal Video posted gaining popularity against Br. Hamza Tzortzis video.Respondnow!
  199. I have a question about Slavery
  200. Istikara..can ANYONE perform it?
  201. Any Muslim lady from L.A on the forum..??
  202. Question about how men and women dress in Islam
  203. Questions about Reversion, Shahada and coming back to Islam...
  204. Is it haram to buy something for 4 dollar and sell it for 6 dollar?
  205. Knowledge will be taken away
  206. Revert changing name and surname? HELP!
  207. unforgivable sins and boasting
  208. Is there in Islam ?
  209. Thinking about leaving Islam
  210. How to pray on a plane
  211. Taking every opportunity of doing good that comes your way- is there a limit?
  212. Love with a girl before Allowed in Islam or not?!
  213. Quick Q about Quran verse 9:29
  214. About Idol
  215. which way should I take
  216. What about does who die before puberty?
  217. New name or no?
  218. Why should i be Muslim?
  219. What Has Allah Prepared for His Believers in Paradise?
  220. Istikhara dream
  221. Weird images while praying...
  222. Laughing In prayer.
  223. Support for Muslims/New Muslims
  224. What is the ruling on Male piercings ???
  225. 'Isa 'Alayhi as-salaam: Alive or Dead?
  226. Fostering a child, fatwa
  227. Questions about the rightly guided Caliphs!!!
  228. Prayer in train
  229. Question about Ayat al Kursi and protecting home
  230. How Can I save myself from Shaytaan?
  231. Prophet(SAL)'S MARRIAGE WITH AYSHA (ra) is it a matter that Muslims feel shy ?
  232. How to Introduce a Foreign Friend to Islam
  233. where to find free Qur'an classes?
  234. What is Mu'akkadah?
  235. Following a madhab
  236. Dream about angel and Jinn. I am afraid
  237. Weird. Help
  238. Why Worship?
  239. Can I listen to Quran when doing other things
  240. Does Allah love?
  241. Time in the grave
  242. The Conditions of Dua Shaikh Dr. Saalih bin Fawzan Al Fawzan
  243. How are we judged in Islam for our sins?
  244. Why there are so many sects in Islam?
  245. Few questions about praying.
  246. question about ummah
  247. Is viewing gore/death images of people evil or bad?
  248. Astrology in Islam
  249. Please prove this wrong
  250. Please please help