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  1. Muslim-Christianity dialogue
  2. pictures that PRove JESUS' EXISTENCE
  3. Bible
  4. Embarresed Christans try to cover up biblical flaw.
  5. Intellectual argument for whether the Bible is corrupt or not.
  6. Jesus claims to be God
  7. A Challenge To Christians!!! Try To Answer These 60 Questions!!!
  8. Books mentioned in the Bible that are not part of the "Today's Bible"
  9. Who are the real authors of the 'Bible'?
  10. Jesus sent only to Jews-not to mankind
  11. Josephus on Jesus-proof that 'evidence' was forged.
  12. Contradictions In the Resurrection Story
  13. Historicity Of the biblical version of Jesus FAQ
  14. Rebuttal to Shaver's claim that Quran confirms bible's authenticity.
  15. Islam, Christianity and submission......
  16. Answering muawiyah's questions about the resurrection. (60 questions)
  17. The question of Authority.
  18. Historical evidence for Muhammad....
  19. Islamic evolution
  20. Julaybib
  21. Why do christians need Jesus? (pbuh)
  22. Biblical Prophecies on the Advent of Muhammad
  23. The Second Coming of 'Eysa, The Massiah, Son of Mary
  24. Would God blame you for someone elses mistake?
  25. A link to the booklet 'christian-muslim dialogue' by H M Baagil
  26. The god that never was
  27. A Christian explanation of the Paraclete in the Bible for the bemused layman
  28. Free will
  29. What do you think of this?
  30. What do you think will happen after you die?
  31. What do you think of the gospel of Barnabas?
  32. Religion in business negotiations
  33. New theory on the Copper Scroll
  34. What do you think of the gospel of Thomas?
  35. Let the bible speak
  36. Noahs flood - was the flood a local disater or was it global?
  37. the early history of christianity
  38. Who really is the Paracletos?
  39. Who Was Jesus According to Jesus?
  40. BE AWARE of the following websites
  41. deleted thread?
  42. A new islamic site from the Dawa office I do voluntary work at
  43. 101 clear contradictions in the Bible
  44. Is Pork prohibited in Christianity?
  45. Why do Christians eat pork?
  46. Armageddon
  47. Was Muhammad illiterate?
  48. Hamza Yusuf Speaks
  49. Is it truth???
  50. Calling Ahlul-Kitaab (Jews and Christians) to Islam
  51. Pauline Christianity vs. The True followers of 'Isa
  52. The Sufi Post
  53. Ahmad Deedat - "The Perfect God"
  54. hmmmmmmmmmm so Jesus is God???
  55. People of the Book
  56. How I came to Islam
  57. What happened to the original Quran?
  58. TCSEC
  59. The Prophet (sas) in the bible
  60. Real Torah Judaism
  61. How Islam Looks at Other Religions
  62. Jesus Taught Monotheism
  63. Manuscripts of the bible...
  64. If Jesus were alive today
  65. The Status of Women in the Bible
  66. Sources of the Bible
  67. Visit Bismika Allahuma Discussion Board
  68. The Challenge Of The Qur'aan
  69. Islam and Evolution
  70. I dislike religion
  71. the Jewish-Shiite Alliance against Islam and Muslims, important!!! dont miss this!!!
  72. Arabic Bible "Calligraphy": Expression of Art or Evidence for Deception?
  73. Freemasons
  74. Free Quran
  75. What Do Muslims Believe about Jesus?
  76. Islam follows the Bible ?
  77. Historical & Biblical Evidences that Proves the Bible has been Corrupted
  78. The Bible Led Me To Islam
  79. Who was the first king of the Isrealites ?
  80. Muhammad, Solla Allahu Alayhi wassallam, was the final prophet of God!
  81. The Fire Form
  82. The Son of God
  83. ISreal/Palestine viewd through the Bible,Preists and Christians..READ!!!
  84. Pets from God
  85. Was Jesus a prophet?
  86. Quran quotes on Jesus
  87. For those who sincerely seek the truth
  88. For those who sincerely seek the truth
  89. Abu Sufayan's meeting with Heraclius of Byzantium
  90. Jewish Hatred Towards Christians
  91. Was Jesus Sent to be Crucified?
  92. Was Ibrahim (Abraham) a Jew or a Christian?
  93. The Prophet Invites A Christian King to Islam
  94. haqq
  95. Eve
  96. Questions on a theme to Christians.
  97. An explanation of 4 lines of the Quran making up Surah 103.
  98. The entire Bible in one sentence Gods message to man
  99. Bible must be treated like the Koran
  100. Unbelievers! Save yourselves from committing the most evil act!
  101. who was the Comforter? The Holy Ghost? Paul? or Muhammad (saaws).
  102. If you are a Christian, try this questionaire.
  103. forum.bismikaallahuma.org
  104. The unseen spirits.
  105. Hindu Websites?
  106. Christians claim - Abraham attests to the Trinity
  107. Proves two things
  108. A Liar usually exposes themselves
  109. A Liar usually exposes themselves .
  110. Hoy! Christians! The expiation of your sins and the real salvation.
  111. the 10 commandments
  112. Tawrah, Zabur and Injil
  113. missionary tactics
  114. prayer in the bible!!!
  115. Christmas
  116. Ancient Paganism, and the danger of compromise
  117. To non muslims: Does Qur'an teach aggression?
  118. New Revelation
  119. Many Questions...
  120. Beast
  121. The crescent...
  122. Islam: Women's First Liberator?
  123. Three imams reply to the atheists
  124. Promised Land, Palestine and the Bible
  125. Allah is the Most Forgiving
  126. What is the mark on the heads of believers and sinners, according to the Christians?
  127. The Prophet like Moses
  128. Christ oour Saviour
  129. Lamb of God
  130. Could God really be this weak ????
  131. A Serious Dialogue With a Christian
  132. Excellent Dawah CD !!!!!!!!
  133. In defence of Mary .
  134. Christian-Islamic Preambles of Faith
  135. The Purpose of Intellectual Creatures
  136. The Seven Sleepers Of Ephesus
  137. Was Mohammad really a true Prophet ??
  138. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) In Hinduism
  139. All-Just and All-Merciful?
  140. YHWH (Yehoh OR yahweh OR )
  141. The Son of Man
  142. what other religions say about Mohammad (saw)
  143. Im stupid but.......
  144. Quran in Arabic, universal?
  145. anyone know about uzair (ezra)?
  146. Do yourself a favor, Shaver.
  147. I found this great site=
  148. Issac Newton
  149. Christ converts to Islam
  150. Race of the Red Heifer and rebuilding the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.
  151. Ok, I got my first Quran.
  152. The Holy Wars of YHWH
  153. Oh dear! Son of God! Have Christians been getting it wrong all this time?
  154. "Am I good enough to go to Heaven?"
  155. Christians, Do you still apply this..?
  156. The Presumable One Bible
  157. Your thoughts on Christianty...
  158. The Nature of the Qur'anic Method
  159. Is the trinity that the Christians believe in mentioned in Islam?
  160. Theoligical Themes Common to Islam and Christianity
  161. Comparitive Concepts & Hermeneutics in the Bible and the Qur'an
  162. Can a Christian lose their Salvation?
  163. Becoming Muslim...
  164. Jews are a race??????
  165. What the Christian scholars say...
  166. Their Fate ?
  167. What is "the bread of life" ?
  168. Easter - Do you practice it ?
  169. Fides...
  170. Important: The Way of Life of Islam
  171. Therefore, be Perfect.
  172. The Purpose of Life?
  173. For -- True Christians -- Only...
  174. An Early Qur'anic Manuscript in Cairo, Egypt
  175. 101 Names of Jesus
  176. The Most Gracious
  177. Christianity and Myth and Paganism
  178. Question About Mohammed
  179. three days, three nights............
  180. The Qualities of the Islamic Faith
  181. What is the Principle
  182. St. Francis invites Sultan Malek al-Kamil to eternal life...
  183. Man is a Religious Being...
  184. Muslims, Do You Still Apply This?
  185. Assigning Partners to Allah. (Shirk)
  186. Jesus, Prophet of Islam
  187. The Temple of God
  188. Truth, Beauty, and Sacred Art
  189. Answering Christianity
  190. The Cloud of Witnesses and the Communion of the Church of Heaven and Earth
  191. cruxifiction and question for christians
  192. The Parable of the Word of Islam and the Word of Kufr
  193. sth 'bout Jesus
  194. Is God and Allah have the same spirit
  195. A question about the Jonah Prophecy, to Jew, Christian or Muslim
  196. The Moral Law, the Old Law, and the New Law in Christianity
  197. Fake Ex-Muslims Exposed
  198. Patriot, Pomp, Fides, christfollower, & Seraphim
  199. To hate for Allah's Sake?
  200. The challenge of Surah 4:82 - Do they not then meditate on the Quran?...
  201. Miracles in the Language of the Quran.
  202. Yahyah the Prophet
  203. IS IT TRINITY OR IS IT 1+1+1 = 1 ?????
  204. "Sexual intercourse with a girl less than three is 'nothing'" (Kethuboth 11b, p.58).
  205. A challenge to the Non-Muslims !
  206. Three issues: the satanic verses, the sword verse, and abrogation
  207. ((((( www.answering-christianity.com ))))
  208. biblical lineages
  209. Days, weeks, months, years...
  210. God has no emotions...
  211. Aren't you glad you are a Muslim!!
  212. What's allowed under Islam?
  213. Christians, do you apply this?
  214. To those who see *discrepancies* in the Quran
  215. Does anyone know where the earliest Quran is?
  216. Scinece in the Quran
  217. Advice
  218. To Christians...
  219. virtue and freedom
  220. Look deep inside : Filling the Spiritual Void
  221. A point that seems very inconsisten in Islam.
  222. The existing three Uthman Qur'an
  223. Christianity and Islam. Similarities and Differences
  224. Islamic Jihad Chosen as 'World's Most Responsible' Group
  225. Man-made divinity
  226. Legacy of Muhammed
  227. Doesn't the evolution of religion imply that the divine creator is not perfect?
  228. Some things never change.
  229. A challenge to the Muslims!
  230. Islam Saved My Mental Health and Returned My Soul
  231. Talmud
  232. Yvonne Ridley: From Captive of Talibaan to Convert to ISLAM!
  233. A Challenge to all Paganz out there Xtian Jews (etc...) Alike...
  234. contravercial idea about the prophet
  235. U are not Truly a believer until u wish for your brother what u wish for yourself
  236. Hidden Crusades for the sake of Evil and Deceit: Christian Missionaries
  237. Nine Undeniable Contradictions in the Bible
  238. The Worst Crime In The Name Of Religion: The Pedophilia Of The Church
  239. Eve a link for you:
  240. What the Bible says about Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
  241. The Truth About Prophet Jesus
  242. Tough Questions and Easy Answers
  243. The Word Allah In The Arabic Bible
  244. Moon God?
  245. Veiws of Non-Muslim Scientists about Islam
  246. "Why do most un-convert..."
  247. Banned From Ummah but Still Blessed by God!
  248. Some Benefits of Islam & Islam's Features
  249. Christ in Islam
  250. What all Christians and Jews MUST know about the Bible