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  1. LOADS of Free STUFF Especially for New Muslims
  2. Jazakallah to the admin for this section
  3. Tell us your story :)
  4. chat about "tell us your story" thread
  5. Info threads - FAQ - essential info for new Muslims - esp if you're really really new
  6. Confusing Islamic terms and some explanations of them
  7. Understand Islam ~ please feel free to ask questions, post concerns..etc...
  8. Establishing five daily prayers
  9. Do I have to have change my name?
  10. Eating Halal food
  11. reverts from a Christian background
  12. Good books (material) you would recommend for reverts...
  13. on a lighter note
  14. Info: How to tell family your a Muslim
  15. General Advice for New Muslims from Reverts
  16. How to Convert
  17. Advice to New Muslims
  18. New Muslim Corner - lots of links and issues covered
  19. Guide to Islam For New Muslims
  20. The importance of evidence from Qur'an and Sunnah
  21. Alcohol (posts taken from eating halal food thread)
  22. Surviving the festive season with atheist or Christian relatives
  23. 'what is a musalah?
  24. Need help with my family
  25. Salat (especially with work)
  26. The conditions of the shahadah
  27. Questions about Dua and Istikharah
  28. Allahu Akbar!
  29. How much influence did ummah.com have in your reversion?
  30. Struggling to wear hijab/beard?
  31. A question
  32. telling others
  33. You know you’re a new revert if…
  34. celebrations/occassions
  35. Salat question
  36. Question about past Salat.
  37. ok...
  38. Scams aimed at Muslim women (particularly new Muslims)
  39. Mistakes I made
  40. thanks :)
  41. Useful DVD for people with atheist background
  42. what nullifies ones wudu
  43. Always ask Allah to help in everything you do
  44. The Prophet's Sunnah
  45. Thanks for letting me in here :)
  46. getting up for dawn prayers
  47. coping with suspicious relatives
  48. trying to make me go back
  49. My past newsletter issues so far
  50. Shahadah
  51. Urdu
  52. Question on Salaams...
  53. Six months on
  54. finding it hard !
  55. Prayers for Curing Illnesses
  56. The Muslim's rules for life
  57. Golden opportunity
  58. tomorrow
  59. Father of Conjoined Twins Embraces Islam
  60. Just a look
  61. Anja's Book: A young German converts to Islam and shares her social experiences
  62. Imsak
  63. Need help completing my Muslim name
  64. Scattered advice
  65. Hadeeth rejectors - why they are wrong
  66. Little 'pep talk'
  67. One thing....
  68. Children of Reverts.
  69. Fear
  70. the most important thread - HOW TO PRAY
  71. Glossary - understanding common things
  72. 10 Free Copies Of The Holy Qur'an
  73. Dua's For Different Occasions.
  74. What Surah did You read today?
  75. Ramblings of a woman...
  76. The Nursing profession and Islam
  77. Understanding whats said in prayer
  78. Bye Bye soon HELP ME
  79. Self Discipline
  80. Changing First Name
  81. Surah Muzaammil
  82. Stories Please :)
  83. Revert vs born muslim (partners)
  84. Suggestions: Hadiths and Clothing
  85. striving against our nafs
  86. The seeking of knowledge
  87. Swat up on your history! + some companion info
  88. need a little strength
  89. Question: Growing apart from non-muslim family - is it inevitable?
  90. Question: Where can I get hijab in US?
  91. advice for women who come to al Islam and who have non muslim husbands
  92. Islamic advice for women, a must see for all new sisters
  93. GurjotAbbas
  94. Very Informative New Muslim Guide .pdf
  95. To legally change my name or not?
  96. Need guidance to do with drawing.
  97. any sisters in birmingham able to home teach me arabic
  98. friends
  99. Muslim Converts Website
  100. Tell us your story :) - discussion which resulted from it :D
  101. salaams to the new muslims from Dawud_UK
  102. Shi'a targetting of New Muslims for Temp marriage
  103. Family vs fiancé...
  104. My fiance
  105. Performing dawa as new Muslims
  106. Why revert?
  107. Do you feel?
  108. hijab
  109. Reading Qur'an
  110. Modest clothing for Muslimahs
  111. Question about making wudu...
  112. Confused
  113. hit a low
  114. changing your comunity
  115. Learning about misconceptions AFTER reverting...
  116. Dhikr q
  117. What foods are haram???
  118. What is the difference between salafi and sunni?
  119. http://www.muslimconverts.com
  120. hijab vs khimar
  121. Dumb q for the Muslimahs
  122. Organizing A Study Circle
  123. How to perford your salah
  124. parents relationships
  125. A letter from a Christian to Muslim women
  126. My conversion to Islam began in my eighth grade year.
  127. non muslim children
  128. Muhammad Ali, the Boxer, speaks
  129. Why are black people turning to Islam?
  130. salam, ugently need help
  131. breaking the news to my mum
  132. Prayer Cheat Sheet - Men
  133. Where can I get a kufi?
  134. I find it sooo hard to...
  135. Is my Salat still valid or do I need to make it up?
  136. Can anyone provide me with a hadith about this?
  137. More questions about Salat and the Masjid
  138. My Muslim name?
  139. The Issue of Non-Mahrams
  140. need help
  141. Bible passage
  142. Are video games haram?
  143. Is the Yusuf Ali translation of Quran good?
  144. Is the Muhammad asad quran translation bad?
  145. Who are deobandis? Is sunniforum a trustworthy site?
  146. wiping over socks
  147. Does Israel belong to the Jews According to the Quran?
  148. If Angels don't have Free-will, then how come they argued with Allah about Adam(A.S)?
  149. Am I doomed for Hell for not putting on the beard?
  150. Dip in iman
  151. Is it halal to play chess?
  152. Is this a contradiction?
  153. I am having a hard time justifying Apostasy
  154. I am having a hard time putting on the beard
  155. Is it allowed for Muslims to read the bible?
  156. Questions about Music?
  157. Question about Allah(swt) punishing us about our sins
  158. Is it haraam to kill an ill animal
  159. Size of beard in islam?
  160. Sunnah Prayer and Witr Prayer
  161. PLEASE HELP!!! How to pray witr?
  162. Why, why Allah, why do you test me?
  163. non Muslim family?
  164. Reverts!!! Dont Loose Hope.
  165. Where Can I find the six hadith books?
  166. How to get rid of music from your head?
  167. What does "do everything for the sake of Allah" mean?
  168. How come Muslims cannot celebrate christmas?
  169. Is voting Haram?
  170. Why is music haram?
  171. Is Kosher Halal Or Haram?
  172. Is being a Salafi a right thing to do?
  173. What advice would you give to a shiny new Muslim?
  174. Why did Allah Allow the words of the Bible to be corrupted?
  175. Muslims in Michigan: A Convert's Story
  176. Is it haram to read the Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of the Quran?
  177. Was Noah's(pbuh) flood global or localized to noah's people?
  178. How come the Quran talks about the Sabbath?
  179. Did Muslims Colonize lands that weren't their's?
  180. I am afraid of growing the beard!
  181. Is the minimum length of a beard a fist length?
  182. why do we pray?
  183. to my revert brothers and sisters.
  184. Islam 101
  185. Salaam from me :)
  186. When you don't know what to do...
  187. Family contact!
  188. My burning book
  189. New Muslims Overwhelmed
  190. nasheed with english subs
  191. DOs and DON'Ts with family...
  192. I did it ...!!
  193. New Muslims' Library
  194. Praying!
  195. I need help. I want to become a better Muslim.
  196. Good books for new converts
  197. What is my relationship with you?
  198. I am not going to grow a beard due to personal reasons
  199. Permission to rant...?
  200. Explaining halaal and haraam food to new reverts
  201. Revert Muslims & Mahrams
  202. Having doubts...
  203. revert 2 reality centre
  204. confusion at it's worst
  205. how do you.....
  206. Revert-Revert Marriage
  207. Any former agnostic/atheist reverts here?
  208. what do i say?
  209. Important: For new reverts:
  210. Spending Ramadhaan in a Muslim home
  211. Spending Ramadan Alone
  212. I cant take it anymore!
  213. How's it going?
  214. some surahs i don't know how to interpret...
  215. new muslim progress thread
  216. How was your Eid fellow reverts :)
  217. You know you're a new hijabi when...
  218. mentally challenged brother, reciting Quran masha Allah.. subhanAllah.
  219. How do you deal with your environment being unislamic?
  220. aint it funny when..
  221. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe raajeoon.
  222. "Oh its just a phase"
  223. you always win when you be a muslim
  224. circumcision
  225. Want to mention hijab very soon ...
  226. Our Families
  227. surah al duha - my midterm assignment thought id share :)
  228. what are your favourite surahs?
  229. Am i going through the 'burnout'? eeman gone low :(
  230. Who's in? (Simplified Fiqh Course)
  231. for adri
  232. Dates and Timings for the Fiqh course
  233. Introduction to Fiqh
  234. Fiqh Course review thread
  235. SOLACE Helping Revert Sisters In Difficulty
  236. Can only wash one nostril - is my wudu invalid?
  237. Young Reverts and issues with Parents
  238. probably a weird question
  239. paltalk
  240. 12 Tips for the Convert Muslim
  241. How do you deal with the death of a non muslim ...?
  242. Started praying today
  243. dealing with converts
  244. Non muslim families ...
  245. Who's willing to share.....
  246. Few guidelines for the reverts to Islam
  247. OK need helpp with religion
  248. Convert stories
  249. how to deal with sons anger over me converting... ??
  250. Your families hindering your practice of Islam